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HomeMusicLesson 2023 Mid-Year Concert

HomeMusicLesson held our 2023 mid-year concert on the 24th June 2023 (Saturday). There were a total of 33 students who performed on stage on that day. There were more than 120 people who attended the concert which includes the teachers, helpers, family and friends of the students. Below is the program sheet on that day:

Program Sheet Page 1
Program Sheet Page 2
Program Sheet Page 3
Program Sheet Page 4

Below are the videos of the individual student performers:

Please Click on the Play Button to watch the Videos with Sound for the individually recorded videos!

1.  Hugo Tso - Hedwig's Theme

2. Rain Wilson-Robert - Mary Had A Little Lamb

3. Violet Rutzen - The Chimes

4. Lillian Parandak - Old McDonald Had A Farm

5.  Emilia Wu - Mary Had A Little Lamb & Westminster Chimes

6.  Simon Yuan - Ode To Joy

7.  Michael Wu - Yankee Doodle

8.  Ashlee Vo - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

9.  Ethan Vo - Run Mouse Run!

10.  Midi Wang - Good Morning & Yankee Doodle

11.  Dimi Wang - Five Hundred Miles & Chopsticks

12.  Sophie Yu - On The Levee

13.  Mia Elias - Clementine

14.  Jason Wang - Long Long Ago

15.  Elaine Jiayi Zhong - Blue Bells Of Scotland

16.  Jayoung Liu - Colours of the Wind (Theme from Pocahontas)

17.  Lyon Grieves - Perfect & My Grandfather's Clock

18.  Leon Legudi - A Whole New World

19.  Anna Elias - Lavender's Blue & Over The Rainbow

20.  Sherwin Chow - The Addams Family (Violin)

21.  Bryan Li - Adagio & Allegro (Violin)

22.  Delbert Pham - Allegratto 2

23.  Rachael Seow - Aria

24.  Ayden Zou - Star Wars and Tetris Theme

25.  Ean Cheam - Mozzie

26.  Zane Reghunath - New World Symphony

27.  Margaret Pham - Song of Twilight

28.  Alex Zou - Midnight Ride

29.  Emilia Cheam - My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic)

30.  Nethuli Vithanage - A Time For Us

31.  Lily Dang - Marriage D'Amour

32.  Sherwin Chow - Flames (Drum)

33.  Noor Virk - Lose Blatter & YMCA

34.  Alan Zou - June Barcarolle

Hope everyone enjoyed the performances during our 2023 mid-year concert. We wish to express our heartfelt thanks for all our teachers and helpers who have put in a lot of work to prepare for this concert. Also, a huge congratulations and well done to all the performers who have done such a tremendous job of putting a very high quality display of performance during the concert. We are indeed very proud of each and everyone of you. Not forgetting too the audiences(parents, family members and friends) who have come in full force to support the performers. If there is any mistakes that we may have done unintentionally during the concert, please accept our sincere apology! We sincerely hope that all of you had a memorable concert! HomeMusicLesson hope to bring more concerts to you in the future!

With sincere gratitude,

Daphne Wong



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