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HomeMusicLesson stand firmly by our motto that "Learning Music is FUN"

We strive to provide a Fun, Upbeat and Inspirational environment to all our students to learn music at our studio, your home or even online. Our music lessons are unique and are customized to meet our students' musical needs, aspirations and goals. 

 MUSIC FOR ALMOST ALL AGES: It is never too young or old to start learning music!

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Below are the videos of some of our students

Rachel Chow

A'la mazourka


Jingle Bells

Lily Dang

Deck The Halls


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Hear What Our Students/Parents Are Saying About HomeMusicLesson...

Karen sharing testimonial about HomeMusicLesson

“It is a wonderful learning experience for Andy with HomeMusicLesson. After much searching, we finally found HomeMusicLesson which provides teachers for various instruments. It turned out to be one of the best experience we have. Andy has never been more passionate and looks forward to his music lessons. He benefits so much from how the teacher conducts the lessons which covers everything that needed to bring the best of instrument knowledge and skills to a student. Thank you HomeMusicLesson!"

Karen Yap - Andy's Mom


HomeMusicLesson Philosophy

At Home Music Lesson, we believe every home deserves to have dazzlling and beautiful music played by members of the family. That is the reason why we have started Home Music Lesson.

Our mission is to bring beautiful music to every home and we do that by having professionally trained teachers at our centres as well as having teachers go to your home for music lessons! We can also do online music lessons too!


HomeMusicLesson Curriculum

We help students of all ages, gender and musical background from beginners, leisure to advanced levels.

The main music curriculum and examination board in Australia is AMEB. If required, we can also provide music lessons which are tailored for other examination board like ABRSM or Trinity upon request.

Qualified Teachers

HomeMusicLesson Qualified Teachers

Our Teachers are highly qualified and skilled educators and teach Classical, Leisure, Rock, Pop as well as Jazz. Beginner students can expect to work on simple songs, melodies, sight reading, chords and theory. 

We balance practical music lessons with fun by making sure that each lesson you are challenged with a new technical or theory concept, but always end with something fun to accelerate the students' confidence and lifelong love of music!

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Advantages of Learning Music

There are many advantages of learning music. Apart from being able to enjoy the beautiful sound that music can create which is up to your own creativity, below are some additional advantages of learning music:-

Does Learning Music Really Make You Smarter?

Does Learning Music really make you smarter?

This is the question that we get asked a lot especially from parents. Does learning music really make you smarter? While playing piano is a lifelong skill which should be enjoyed by both children and adults...

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How to Accelerate Your Music Learning Journey

How to Accelerate Your Music Learning Journey!

As a music student, you're eager to improve your skills and become a proficient musician. However, the journey to musical mastery can be long and challenging. Fortunately, with the right approach, you can accelerate your music learning and progress quickly by following these tips.

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HomeMusicLesson Balwyn North is Located Right Opposite of Merrell Kindergarten at  95, Maud Street, Balwyn North, VIC 3104 .

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